Enable Store Message Problem

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Enable Store Message Problem

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I go a weired Problem on one of our Cpanel Servers.
Installed Mailscanner and Mailscanner FE as described herehttps://support.configserver.com/knowledgebase/article/installreinstall-mailscanner-front-end.
After customizing mailscanner.conf and enabeling mailscanner I get the message in MailControl that I should enable store message even though I enabled quarantining in mailscanner.conf (quarantine infections, etc.). In MailControl I also see the logged and quarantined messages.

When I click the "Enable Store Message" Button I get following error:
After that the mailscanner.conf gets truncated after line 2544 and no more messages are shown in MailControl.

I compared the mailscanner.conf with a working installation on another server and there are no significant differences.
A forced reinstall of Mailscanner and Mailscanner Frontend didn't fix anything.

Does anyone have any idea why this could happen?

Some version Infos:
Server uses cPanel 54.0.7
Mailscanner 5.0.2
Mailscanner Script 3.15
Mailscanner Frontend 7.39

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Re: Enable Store Message Problem

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The version of cPanel you are using is no longer supported. You need to upgrade to a current version of cPanel/WHM.


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