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[Suggestion]: MailControl View - Search by has Attachment

Posted: 02 Dec 2019, 16:43
by Firewalls4Life
In the MailControl view, I would like to have a new search criteria option for finding all message log entries with attachments. It would be nice to search by:

  • Attachment - Does Not Have Attachment; =0 Number of Attachment(s) = 0.
  • Attachment - Has attachments; >=1 Any number of attachments greater than 0..
  • Attachment - Has X or fewer number of attachments; <= User Input, Less Than or Equal to X.
  • Attachment - Has exactly X number of attachment(s); == User Input: Equal To X.
  • Attachment - Has X or more number of attachments; >= User Input: Greater Than or Equal to X.

Graphic highlighting area in MailScanner Front-End GUI.