Spambox automation

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Spambox automation

Post by chrismfz »

There is always a "spam" folder usually, from Spamassassin or assp deluxe.

Is there a way to "automate" this: :
"We recommend filtering the email in your email client and placing it in a separate folder so that you can check through it in your own time."

And filter {Spam?} and {definitely Spam?} in the ./spam folder for all old and new users ?

Most users, don't know how to do it, And if a cPanel user has for example 50 sub-users / mailboxes we definitely can't do it informing them one by one.

ASSP Deluxe does something similar with spambox functionality.
Spamassasin does it ("Enable Apache SpamAssassin™ Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam")

Is there a workaround to do it in MailScanner Fe (or maybe a feature request if it sounds logical)?

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Re: Spambox automation

Post by Sergio »

If you have configured your MailControl to save a copy of messages for a period of time, usually MailControl sets it to 7 days, you can deliver any blocked email from that period of time to the destination email account that has been blocked by MailScanner.

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Re: Spambox automation

Post by andersondeda »

We are quite curious to know the outcome of this case.

By studying various tools that do what MailScanner Front End does, some of these other tools send emails classified as spam directly into the spam folder.

I am a few days doing several tests and looking for the best alternative to solve this which for me is a serious problem.

I think this way because this tool has as its main objective to detect and classify emails that are suspicious. With this in mind, I strongly believe that the last step of the solution is missing, as these emails are correctly identified.

To solve this problem, I think there are 3 solutions that could be accomplished.

1 - (less indicated) Create email rules for all email accounts on the server, so all emails classified as spam would be easily forwarded to the .spam box. This solution works for us, but has some flaws and difficulties, the first obviously is the creation and maintenance of rules for all accounts, we can do this work through a script and cpanel api. Another serious problem is that a more curious and uninformed user can easily remove the rule.

2 - (average indication) When we install this solution on cpanel servers there is a manual, this manual strongly indicates to change the exim rule processing file, this new file is empty and does not process any information (at least here on our servers) . An interesting solution would be a few lines of code to identify if there is the exact string in the email header and if so move this message automatically to the spam email box of the destination email.

3 - (Perfect Solution) If there is a button in the cPanel user interface, this button would then be accessible only to the cPanel account administrator and not to email users (webmail). Within this new interface the administrator could enable automatic forwarding of spam classified emails directly to the destination email spam box. I think this option could be global (for the whole domain), or on its own.

Right now we are frozen without knowing what is the best alternative and obviously how to execute some of them.

What do you think?
Thanks for your time

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