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There is always a "spam" folder usually, from Spamassassin or assp deluxe.

Is there a way to "automate" this: :
"We recommend filtering the email in your email client and placing it in a separate folder so that you can check through it in your own time."

And filter {Spam?} and {definitely Spam?} in the ./spam folder for all old and new users ?

Most users, don't know how to do it, And if a cPanel user has for example 50 sub-users / mailboxes we definitely can't do it informing them one by one.

ASSP Deluxe does something similar with spambox functionality.
Spamassasin does it ("Enable Apache SpamAssassin™ Spam Box delivery for messages marked as spam")

Is there a workaround to do it in MailScanner Fe (or maybe a feature request if it sounds logical)?
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