Feature Request: Blacklist IP or domain on one user account

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It would be great if we could have a new option to blacklist an IP or domain name to the receiving account only.

Right now MailControl only offers to blacklist the Email or Domain to all users on a server, but what about if only one customer ask us to block for example all the emails that comes from one domain or email address?

For example, right now customer ask us to blacklist all emails coming from the domain gmail,com and we have two choices, explain the customer on how to do it from cPanel and that will be a task consuming process if the customer has never done that before or we could do it inside MailControl. with selecting the appropriate button like "blacklist domain for User" or "blacklist email for User".

So, it will be great to have the appropriate buttons for this:
BlackList Email / Blacklist Email for User
Blacklist Domain / Blacklist Domain for User

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