[Suggestion]: Include MailScanner headers in Database Email View

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On the item View/Status page, where you inspect an entry in the MailScanner database via MSFE, please add support to view the appended headers... the headers added by MailScanner, SpamAssassin, and other milters. Right now they cannot be seen from MSFE, and one has to log into the users mailbox to view the appended headers that were added while processing the email in MailScanner & SpamAssassin.

If it is a limitation due to MailScanner making the database entry before it has the data, perhaps a post-delivery script can be run to retrieve the appended headers from the delivered message after.

This is a critical need for me as I need to inspect what SpamAssassin rules were applied, and what their results were - right in the MailScanner FrontEnd interface.
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