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new layout horrible

Posted: 01 Dec 2018, 13:42
by dvk01
the new layout with MSFE 8.20 is horrible.
Can we revert to open in new window and put the from & to on separate lines again please. It just makes doing anything much harder & more difficult.
The clickable subject line won't open in a new window only in same tab & that is problematic when you want to look at multiple emails
the hover colour changing to white is very offputting when scrolling
The search doesn't stay open on refresh, so I need to use extra clicks to do anything

Re: new layout horrible

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 10:55
by dvk01
Thanks for the open in new window option,
Can you do something about the white hover on subject field and the way we can't select the subject to C&P into a search etc

You also can't right click & open subject in new window /tab, only same window.