[Feature Request]: Show a Admin/Reseller/User Actions Taken Log in MailControl View

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When viewing a specific email in the MailControl page, we are able to see details such as the Client IP, SpamAssassin Rules that were triggered, IP addresses in the headers, etc.

I would like to see this page improved upon to show additional information. Specifically, show the actions already taken on a message. If I have previously viewed and taken an action on this message, this page should show a log entry showing me Who (what system User) took what action {Learn as Ham,Learn as Spam,Learn as Spam and Report,Release-Resend,Release-Forward,} and to what addresses where applicable (resend, forward).

Timestamp: 2018-11-23 17:53:31 UTC
User: root
Event: Learn as Spam and Reported


Timestamp: 2018-11-22 13:25:47 UTC
User: customer33
Event: Release-Forward to billybob@example.com
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