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We use a few RBL's and one of them started blacklisting AOL IP addresses. The RBL is still very good in filtering bad email so we would like to continue using it. We were able to find the AOL outbound server IP ranges (, and we were wondering if we added those to the MailScanner Front-End Server Spam Whitelist if that would take precedence over the IP's in the RBL checks?

If not is there a way to set IP address ranges in MailScanner that will not go through the RBL checks?

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@AeroWeb did you ever get an answer from support on this? I'm curious too.
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Well, there a few stages on email when arriving to the server, if your RBLs are set in EXIM, MailScanner will never get the chance to filter the IPs.

In my servers alll the RBLs are set in EXIM and the way to let some IPs not to be blocked by those lists is to add the IPs in EXIM under:
"Whitelist: IP addresses that should not be checked against RBLs"

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