Cpanel 70.0.32 breaks MSFE

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Cpanel 70.0.32 breaks MSFE

Post by dvk01 »

Since update to 70.0.32 this morning MSFE / mail control no longer has any way to open in new window /new tab ( the option is missing) So I only have MSFE showing with side bar, so full details get put over multiple lines
this was previously discussed viewtopic.php?f=23&t=10283&p=28240#p28240
now the open in new window icon is missing & no longer available
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Re: Cpanel 70.0.32 breaks MSFE

Post by Sarah »

The new window feature was removed because cPanel have added the ability to minimise their menu so the plugin can be viewed in the full window.

You can open msfe in a new window by modifying the msfe URL like this: ... trol&top=1
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