Disable disarm for one incoming domain

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Disable disarm for one incoming domain

Post by schmerold »

When Mailscanner disarms incoming Amazon messages, the email is unintelligible. Is it possible to disable disarming for one particular sender email domain?
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Re: Disable disarm for one incoming domain

Post by crayner »

The short answer is yes you can, but the details are extended.

You may have to repeat this for iframes, forms, scripts and webBugs. The details for iframes are attached from the mailscanner configuration.
Do you want to allow Frame tags in email messages? This is not a good
idea as it allows various Microsoft Outlook security vulnerabilities to
remain unprotected, but if you have a load of mailing lists sending them,
then you will want to allow them to keep your users happy.
Value: yes => Allow these tags to be in the message
no => Ban messages containing these tags
disarm => Allow these tags, but stop these tags from working
This can also be the filename of a ruleset, so you can allow them from
known mailing lists but ban them from everywhere else.
The default value is 'disarm'. Replace this with a file name. e.g.

Code: Select all

and save this change.

Create the file 'disarm.iframes.rules' in the rules-dir (usually

Code: Select all

) with the following content:

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From:	@some.domain.xxx	yes
FromorTo:      default	disarm
You will need to repeat this file creation for each type of disarm, but I would recommend looking at the email concerned and only allowing the appropriate type (iframe, form, script or webbug.)

Hope this helps
Craig R
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