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Howdy, All,

A few questions on MailScanner. Using v5.0.2

Have some inbound mail from folks using Microsoft servers, and they're being marked as spam based on their IP existing in the Spamhaus SBL. Trying to mitigate that without changing URIBL_SBL too much.

As I understand it, /usr/mailscanner/etc/rules/scan.messages.rules is global, used for bypassing scanning of any sort.

Wondering if use of the per-user black/whitelists - i.e., entries in "MailScanner cPanel Settings for User:<User>" - work in conjunction with the global list, or if, once the global list is in place, the user entries ignored. Am hoping the former.

So for as the global file goes, is there a practical limit to number of entries, similar to the 30 max user entries?

When specifying entries either in the global or per-user files, would *.*.tld be an allowed format? Example, user@mydomain.com as opposed to user@mailserver25.mydomain.com - would the single entry *.*.mydomain.com (or even *.*mydomain.com) work to cover both domains? I know you have limited space in the user white/black list page, but that permutation is not specifically shown as allowed. Just unsure how "smart" the parser is when it comes to wildcards.

Please advise. Thanks!
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