unable to set mail limit when subdomain exists

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I am running:
WHM 11.30.3 (build 5)
REDHAT Enterprise 5.7 x86_64 standard
cmm: v1.16

On a couple of accounts/domains I wish to change the outgoing mail limit.
Tweak setting limit is 500
I modified the mail limit in WHM Account Settings to unlimited
It created a file in /var/cpanel/maxemailsperdomain/ for the subdomains but not the primary

When I ran the cmm I received the following:
/scripts/update_email_limits theowner
Set limit for expo.islandartsmag dot ca to unlimited/hour
Set limit for islandartsmag dot ca to 'default'

I manually created the file for the primary in /var/cpanel/maxemailsperdomain/
and re-ran cmm with the same result noted above.

I used the following instructions:
forums.cpanel dot net/f5/email-per-hour-per-domain-need-help-136945.html

I have reported this to cpanel and they suggested I contact you as well.
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