cPanel 78 incompatible with cmm v2.06

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ConfigServer Mail Manage - cmm v2.06 is no longer showing existing email accounts under cPanel 78.
Under cPanel v78.0.7 CentOS 7 CMM is showing and empty list but when creating an existing account, CMM is recognizing that the email account is already existing.
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I too just noticed that several accounts are not showing any mailboxes in cmm 2.06 on a CENTOS 6.10 v80.0.13 server. I have two servers at the moment, and one is definitely missing accounts. The other server has too many accounts and I can't tell at this time without doing a lot of digging. Is cmm still supported? I have it installed as part of the paid server package I get from configserver on any server I have online.
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We're not aware of any problem, but if you log a ticket on the helpdesk with access info we can take a look.
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