Cannot change outgoing mail limit for remote mx domain

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I have a customer who has their e-mail configured for remote mail exchange. They are running a forum on their account and sending out the messages to their users from the forum software, that ends up sending them out through sendmail. I need to be able to control the outgoing mail limit for their domain, but it is not being shown in the list of domains in CMM.

It would be very useful to be able to perform same operations on the remote mail exchange domains as on local domains, as customers are constantly forgetting to remove the e-mail accounts once they configure their domain for remote mx, as well as to manage outgoing mail settings for ones that are running scripts that send e-mail through sendmail. Administrator needs to be clearly warned that the domain they are working on is a remote mx domain though.

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We'll consider adding it in the future, but cannot provide any timescales.
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This will now be added in the next release which should be out soon.
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