Feature Request - Authentication Detail

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Summary: Provide information from /var/log/maillog on Authentication attempts.

Reasoning: We have clients who contact us saying "Email doesn't work". We initially troubleshoot by making sure the user's requests are hitting the server and their IP has not been blocked due to excessive authentication failures. A part of this procedure involves grepping /var/log/maillog. We would like to allow lower level technicians to perform this testing without having shell access.

Method: Allow a user to request (on demand) the authentication attempts associated with a specified email account. CMM would parse /var/log/maillog searching for that email address

Proposed Rollout:
v1 - Dump from ' # grep xxx@xxx.com /var/log/maillog' within WHM
v2 - UI Tweaks
v3 - Feature tweaks

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Concerns? Feasibility?
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