Recover deleted email

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One of my resellers cleaned out an account and later found out the client was using their webmail to store contacts. It was assumed mail manager deleted emails and there was no documents that said when the emails were deleted that it would aggressively delete every single thing on the account. Seems odd to me that it would do this but apparently it did. Is there any way to restore this information?

Also could someone explain why this tool when it says on the green round arrow that it will empty mailbox that it somehow considers a contact list part of that? When I click on the folder icon that states I am viewing the content of the folder, there is nothing there to indicate contacts are visible so it is assumed that the delete command should not be deleting that information. If there is no answer I would suggest that the tool be revisited to enable deleting emails ONLY and not an entire email account. If that is the case I see no real value in this plugin!
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