Mail Hourly limits not working

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I've setup for an account an Mail Hourly limit for 100 emails (per hour)
but I recieve emails (2-3 times a minute) with the above message:

Time: Wed Apr 30 12:53:01 2014 +0300
Type: LOCALRELAY, Local Account - business
Count: 101 emails relayed
Blocked: No

Sample of the first 10 emails:

2014-04-30 12:51:58 1WfRBF-0005jC-RO <= *******@*****************.tld U=business P=local S=5816 id=ODkyNjY3MgAC7212Y96BAMTM5ODg1MTUxNzExMjE3@*****************.tld T="Text ******* Newsletter 28/04/2014" for *****@******.tld

the problem is the "Blocked: No" part, why it doesn't lock the emails since they are some times 400/per minute and not 100/per hour ???
shouldn't it say Blocked: Yes ??

thank you.
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CSF will not block the emails but the IP, except if the IP is

Check the email received and check what IP is showing the error. If the IP is not, then check your CSF settings.
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