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check email

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Anyone have this problem ?

when I check the message in ConfigServer Mail Manage - cmm v2.02
click on icon for view mailbox contents
suject: no subject
when I click on subject to check the email contents, I see all characters as below in the contents:

���y��ȶ'�w�)�|�[}n�d�A���N3I ���:�I��$��/�2���N�e׽��s;v�����@r�2�oVf���a�f�����-��ov� Qn��un��cǴ��}��\�-���m�D�����������G;UP��/�:��)���o��P

Could it be related because the SSL/TLS is enabled?
Weird because it seems to happen only on one account but on all email box inside this account.

Recently converted from maildir to mdbox, and reverted later to maildir
the problem seem to appears since this time.

I tought maybe a problem with the installation, and I removed and re-installed the script, but same happens.

Let me know

Thank you

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