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cPanel vs Configserver mail limiting

Posted: 28 May 2017, 20:02
by coolcom
Can someone clarify which service takes priority when using both cPanel (WHN) and Configserver to limit email sending.

Email sends can be limited:
1) by WHM setting (Server Configuration>Tweak Settings>Max hourly emails per domain
2) by Product Specific setting (Packages>Edit a Package>Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed
3) by Configserver (Plugins>Configserver Mail Manage>Manage Mail Hourly Limits
4) Configserver addresses each domain, cPanel Products addresses the entire account including Addon domains

So I'm trying to develop a standard protocol when setting up servers.

For example...
- I'm pretty certain that Product Specific settings override the WHM general server settings.
- I believe that a lower Configserver setting will override a Product or WHM panel setting
- I don't know if a higher Configser setting overrides a lower Product or WHM setting (still need to test that one)

So, do Configserver Mail manage settings override any and all cPanel settings?

To address one particular situation... I have a client who occasionally will send out 6000 emails to his newsgroup and we use a newsletter mailer sent out through his account. We set the limit up for that sending, and then put it back down again for protection.

I don't want to be adjusting two settings... so I am looking to establish a standard protocol for both WHM, cPanel (product) and Configserver.

As an example in this regard... perhaps set WHM low as a default (would handle any account mistakenly set-up w/o a package), set product levels at unlimited, and use Configserver to set mail limits for each domain.

Has anyone already addressed this and are my "priority" assumptions above correct?

Re: cPanel vs Configserver mail limiting

Posted: 30 May 2017, 14:57
by coolcom
I have clarification... Configserver Mail Manager is NOT a different system of mail limiting, but rather makes changes through cPanel "per domain". So it's an easier access to the same process.