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by Sarah
11 Dec 2006, 15:27
Forum: MailScanner Front-End
Topic: MailScanner Front-End license for advanced users
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I'm afraid that's not something that we're considering at the current time. The MailScanner front-end is only included in the MailScanner Service package. That way we can ensure that the whole package is installed together correctly and we are therefore able to provide support for it. :)
by Sarah
11 Dec 2006, 15:18
Forum: MailScanner
Topic: MailScanner starting loop?
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I'm not sure what is causing this problem. Is MailScanner running? You could try running it in debug mode. Edit /usr/mailscanner/etc/MailScanner.conf and set Debug to yes. Save the file and then do the following: service MailScanner stop killall -9 MailScanner /usr/mailscanner/bin/MailScanner This s...