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by thenet
30 Jun 2015, 14:25
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: Nginx and CSF
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Nginx and CSF

Hi there, Having read all the bits and pieces I could fathom, I understand it is not possible to have Nginx & Varnish Plugin running AND have modsec rules see (block) Real IP's. The IP's showing up in config server > Watch System Logs > error log Only sees the local IP and does nothing to it of cour...
by thenet
18 Dec 2013, 16:43
Forum: General Discussion (cmm)
Topic: Error Response Changing a Password
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Error Response Changing a Password

When I edit a password I go to: WHM > ConfigServer Mail Manage > Select Domain > Manage Mail Account > Select "Edit Password" > Set password twice > Enter = [2013-12-18 16:42:35 +0000] warn [cpanel-email] Cannot access feature list file: /var/cpanel/features/Total Access: No such file or directory a...