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by patchwork3
22 Sep 2017, 11:31
Forum: General Discussion (cmq)
Topic: Blank page in WHM after latest WHM update (v66.0.6)
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Re: Blank page in WHM after latest WHM update (v66.0.6)

I've just had the same issue, the fix worked for me too :-)
by patchwork3
10 Jun 2016, 21:46
Forum: MailScanner Front-End
Topic: any way to block .tlds?
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Re: any way to block .tlds?

I've been trying automatically delete emails actually marked as {Spam?} and from certain TDL's, such as .download .pro .xyz .click .faith .top I've tried the global email filter in cpanel but that doesn't work, and I've been looking for a way to do it in mailscanner but I'm not getting too far. I've...
by patchwork3
23 Feb 2013, 22:26
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
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Added new options CC_DENY_PORTS, CC_DENY_PORTS_TCP, CC_DENY_PORTS_UDP. This feature denies access from the countries listed in CC_DENY_PORTS to listed TCP/UDP ports. For example, using this FTP access port 21 could be blocked to only the specified countries I just want to make sure I'm understandin...