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by SilvaCosta
19 Apr 2012, 22:13
Forum: MailScanner Front-End
Topic: Single configuration
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Single configuration

Has anyone ever tried to make a single installation of mailscanner for many cpanel servers, instead of an installation for each server?
by SilvaCosta
19 Apr 2012, 22:11
Forum: MailScanner Front-End
Topic: cluster for mailscanner
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cluster for mailscanner

Your tool for the firewall has that great option of having a cluster information. It would be great if you had this option for mailscanner, so that our servers could share the spam information.

Can this be made? Do you plan to do it?
by SilvaCosta
19 Apr 2012, 22:08
Forum: MailScanner
Topic: Mail to a Folder
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Mail to a Folder

Spamassassin can put the spam into a folder, but in MailScanner I can only find a configuration for the spam to be sent to a mail address. Our clients complain that they do not want to go to a specific mail account to check for spam and most of them dont now how to configure rules so that emails wit...