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by wowkise
15 Feb 2014, 22:43
Forum: Suggestions (csf)
Topic: pure-ftpd login attempts cleartext
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pure-ftpd login attempts cleartext

Hello, it will be really nice if we could detect massive pure-ftpd non TLS connection, yesterday i had log file of about 25k login attempts trying to login using non TLS connection which i disallow, is there any chance that you may make a an option to track those messages and block the ips if they e...
by wowkise
23 Jul 2012, 18:14
Forum: Suggestions (cxs)
Topic: options for extra information on email report
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options for extra information on email report

Hello, I would like to have option to include variety of information from request headers, such as user browser agent, cookies if present etc etc.. most of our users connect from proxies so it will be hopeful if we can get this information as well. i don't see any harm if you can include it as optio...
by wowkise
11 Apr 2012, 11:28
Forum: Suggestions (cxs)
Topic: PIPE the results
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PIPE the results


I would like to be able to pipe cxs scan results to a script, so that we can link it to the rest of our system is there a way to do that for example

/etc/cxs/cxs --reportinfacted --pipe /home/reporter.php

it will report if there is a match found, so we can take more steps