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by inetwork
29 Dec 2007, 12:25
Forum: MailScanner
Topic: MailWatch without MailScanner
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MailWatch without MailScanner

Is it posible to install MailWatch without MailScanner ?
by inetwork
10 Aug 2007, 23:23
Forum: Report Bugs (cmm)
Topic: adding email account error in cmm
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cmm: Error

I have the same error Undefined subroutine &Cpanel::EventHandler::event called at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 1950. Cpanel::Email:: passwdpop('pepe', 'pepe1', 0, '') called at line 240 [a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this direc...
by inetwork
05 Jul 2007, 13:38
Forum: Suggestions (cmm)
Topic: Sum, count, stat, etc
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Sum, count, stat, etc

When I'm looking all the domains in the CMM, it could be good if we have some stat For example: - Total domain in VPS (we have it now) - Total mail's in the VPS (cur, new, etc) - Total disk used in the VPS (cur,new,etc) - Domain mail's count (cur, new, etc) - Domain disk used (cur,new,etc) Whe I'm l...
by inetwork
18 Apr 2007, 11:30
Forum: Suggestions (cmm)
Topic: Count, sum, total, etc
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Count, sum, total, etc

Whn I see the list of account of one domain, it will be interest to have a total line (total accounts and total space).

The same idea in all the software.

by inetwork
24 Feb 2007, 11:53
Forum: Suggestions (cmq)
Topic: Edit mail server option's
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Edit mail server option's

For example, fail messages wait to much time trying to return it to non-existance account's.

It could be interest to have a button, where we could change the retry times (but not to edit the configuration file) a more easy way. For example a select some default options and also a recomended value.
by inetwork
24 Feb 2007, 11:47
Forum: Suggestions (cmm)
Topic: Heading sort
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Heading sort

I have some suggestions when you show the mail list of an account:
- Click on the column title and sort them
- Include the sender sender

It's also doesnt look well to have the same "ico" (round arrow) for different thing and also for diferente software (cmm & cmq)

Ricardo Coulthurst
by inetwork
20 Dec 2006, 19:52
Forum: Suggestions (cmq)
Topic: Deliver more than one mail at a time
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Deliver more than one mail at a time

When we see the mail queue we can select more than one row and delete then.

Could it be posible to add another button to "Deliver now" ?
by inetwork
12 Dec 2006, 10:47
Forum: MailScanner
Topic: Spam points
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SA Descripcion

I have MailScanner FE, these are the message I found.

Not all description are clear, for example: URI_NOVOWEL URI
How can we include this detail in the message, so my clients can check wat happend.
by inetwork
12 Dec 2006, 00:26
Forum: Suggestions (cmm)
Topic: Folder and messages multi-select
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Folder and messages multi-select

After selection a domain, and after seleccting the will be great if I could check the folder that I want to delete. For example: In my case I install cmm, later I change from mbox to maildir and Neomail doesnt support maildir format. I open cmm and delete file by file the neomail fold...
by inetwork
12 Dec 2006, 00:22
Forum: Suggestions (cmq)
Topic: AutoRefresh
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When I check the queue it will be great if I have a checkbox that will auto-refresh the page (or a textbox with a the minutes to autorefresh), or a more simply "Refresh" button.

Also the sama in the second screen