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03 Jan 2019, 11:32
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: reduce counter
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Is there a way to reduce the counter for an LFD trigger in I have a log which counts displays of a ReCaptcha page which works well but I would really like to reset the counter for the trigger level after a successful validation. This is also logged in the same file. I would be grate...
by protocol
13 Oct 2017, 18:32
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: pid mismatch or missing
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pid mismatch or missing

We are seeing quite a lot of these on multiple servers. I believe lfd is subsequently killed. Anyone else seeing this? $ grep "pid mismatch or missing, at line" /var/log/lfd.log Oct 13 14:35:02 XXXX lfd[5678]: *Error* pid mismatch or missing, at line 1005 Oct 13 14:46:12 XXXX lfd[11148]: *Error* pid...
by protocol
14 Nov 2012, 14:50
Forum: Suggestions (csf)
Topic: Relay checking with multitple to fields
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Relay checking with multitple to fields

We are seeing quite a few 'slow' spammers that don't hit a high relay rate but are using multiple recipients per mail to send a significant amount of junk. Can I please suggest that somehow the relay checker multiples the number of recipients in each mail to give a true figure for the amount of spam.