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by Belaird
08 Sep 2015, 23:52
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: csf.blocklists being replaced
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csf.blocklists being replaced

I mad some changes to csf.blocklists and every few days it gets reverted back to its default. Where do I need to change either default or to stop it from being reverted.
by Belaird
12 Jun 2010, 15:11
Forum: MailScanner Front-End
Topic: Blocked Files with underscore
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Blocked Files with underscore

I am having a problem with anyone sending me a zip file from a mac computer is have the file quarantined. Mac unfortunately includes the _MACOSX folder which gets it blocked.

How can I get the scanner to allow these files to pass.
by Belaird
18 Feb 2010, 04:18
Forum: MailScanner
Topic: Everything is an executable
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Everything is an executable

Everytime I get a zip file with PDF's it them mailscanner flags them as executable s and blocks the zip is this normal behavior? What rules am I missing? Example One or more of the attachments (index.xml.gz, DissectionApplicationForm.pdf, Dissection Clinic Host, Thumbnail.jpg, PkgInfo, DISC...
by Belaird
25 Jun 2007, 20:13
Forum: Suggestions (cmq)
Topic: Auto delete older bounced emails
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Mod won't work, exim has statement lower that change

timeout_frozen_after = 4d
ignore_bounce_errors_after = 2d

won't work at the top if I read the layout right, they appear about 40 statements down as fixed defaults in the body.