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by masterross
06 Sep 2020, 15:53
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: csf.rignore opposite list?
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csf.rignore opposite list?

Hi guys,

Is there an opposite option of csf.rignore list?
I mean, I want to block some reverse dns.
How to do it?

by masterross
29 Jun 2020, 12:55
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: About custom rules
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About custom rules

Hi guys, I'm new to csf, so, please dont judge me hard if already have answers. Could you please help me understand how to build me owr rules. As many users we run WP sites and most attacks are over login.php and xmlrpc.php. So, how to tell: If POST (GET) login.php (and/OR xmlrpc.php...