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09 May 2019, 03:59
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Topic: STICKY rules for CXS.XTRA regs.
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this shouldn't be blocked. If you have scripts to send emails that uses an URL on the header it has to be investigated, as it could send an URL that is not in your server. Remember that CSX is to help you to check [URL=] FileZilla [/URL] [URL=] U...
09 May 2019, 03:58
Forum: General Discussion (cxs)
Topic: Ignoring resources via cxs.ignore
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Re: Ignoring resources via cxs.ignore

by NielsH » 03 Jul 2015, 12:14 In the end I just had to do match:symlink\s*\( - that worked fine. It was my bad for not including the cxs.ignore file properly so it didn't actually ignore it. NielsH, I know this is an old thread but can [url]Audacity[/url] you outline how you configured ConfigServe...