What log is HT_ACCESS log?

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What log is HT_ACCESS log?

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I know this might sound like a dump question but the following snippet of direction is provided in csf.conf:

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 This option will keep track of the number of "File does not exist" errors in
# HTACCESS_LOG. If the number of hits is more than LF_APACHE_404 in LF_INTERVAL
# seconds then the IP address will be blocked
# Care should be used with this option as it could generate many
# false-positives, especially Search Bots (use csf.rignore to ignore such bots)
# so only use this option if you know you are under this type of attack
# A sensible setting for this would be quite high, perhaps 200
But *what file* is referenced or searched, for these hits? I'm on a centos 7 server with access_log domlogs error_log modsec_audit modsec_audit.log modsec_debug.log and suexec_log in /var/log/apache2/

In this case it is access_log or error_log? No where in the config file can I find a description of the actual file(s) that are searched for the HTTACCESS_LOG.


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